2021-05-06 10:03

  We all, at one time or another, have pretended to be a rock star,singing and dancing along to our favorite song. Most of us have done this inthe privacy of our own room when we were kids and as adults, in the privacy ofour homes. Me? I love to do that when I drive! I turn on the radio, find a songthat I can sing along too and pretty soon my arms are in the air and I ammoving along to the rhythm.Most of the time, I do this on my way to work.


  Yes, that is true. I will be in my nice work clothes, jamming whiledriving or stopped at a traffic light. I get weird looks from some people andothers laugh.Personally, I love to get lost in the rhythm of a song which leadsme to share with you the importance of being silly!


  The definition for the word silly, according to the dictionary is:stupid, foolish and nonsensical. I know many people do not want to lookfoolish. So they walk around all serious, which in all honesty, is foolish!


  No one is perfect, I repeat: no one is perfect. I don't care howeducated, how thin, how beautiful, how simple, how frugal, how rich, and soon... No one is perfect! So why pretend to be something you are not?


  Life is so short…You never know when this beautiful journey will beover, so why waste a single second on being so full of rigidity? Here is aquote by Souza,that I think says it all and is a great recipe for life:


  "Dance as though no one is watching you,


  Love as though you have never been hurt before,


  Sing as though no one can hear you,


  Live as though heaven is on earth."


  When we were kids, we had no idea of what limitations were and we hadno care in the world so we could do things without worrying about how weappeared to others. However, as we grew up, we lost that childlike innocence.


  So don't lose the child that still lives within you. The next time youfeel down,go turn on your favorite song, and sing and dance along like there isno tomorrow Or watch something that makes you laugh. Laughter is the bestmedicine to whatever ails you and nothing is better than laughing so hard thatyour tummy hurts. Trust me, you will feet a whole lot better, and who doesn't want to feel good?


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